Products & Services
App For Doctors

Access the application via a desktop at your office and easily interact with your patients in real time. All of your staff at the facility can seamlessly communicate with each other and interact with patients thus reducing the administrative burden of phone calls. Organize your patient visit through crisp clear documentation of the patient details along with easily generating the necessary diagnostic work up and prescriptions.

App For Patients

Access all of your health care information at your fingertips via any internet-connected device such as Laptops, desktops or smart device. No need to carry paper copies of your health information to your doctors’ visit. All your information is stored securely for access anytime and anywhere. Interact electronically with all of your doctors without having to call for appointments or information. Take charge of your health on your terms.

Healthcare Management

Easily track and trend the health care information from your patient population. Empower your patients to manage chronic diseases for better health care outcomes. Use the aggregate data to show the great outcomes from your practice. Automatically send reminders to your patients about upcoming appointments or the need for timely follow up. Easily promote preventive health amongst your patients to avoid delay in seeking health care.

Financial Management

Track and trend your financial performance. Easily obtain data from the system to help assist in financial decision making. Improve practice efficiencies and cash flow through accurate and timely exchange of information with the insurers. Track the accounts receivables accurately and send automatic reminders. Allow easy and secure financial transaction processing.