About Us

Physicians and other health care providers today interact with more digital information than ever before. Svastanibandha, as a company is dedicated to provide seamless access to, and have specific patient care information available to all providers anywhere and anytime, securely and instantly. It is also our mission to ensure that each patient has his/her data stored for easy access by the patient and all of his/her health care providers.

Our company’s goal will be to provide product lines that not only will gather and present patient care data at the point of care, such as in Electronic Health Records, but will also collect patient care information related to patient history and family history. Both providers and patients will have access to meaningful data through smart communication devices such as smart phones, laptops, tablets, desktops etc. Having relevant patient care data presented to Physicians and Health care providers at the time of providing care will vastly improve the quality of care, reduce medical errors and significantly improve the overall patient care experience. Availability of critical health care information at the time of the health care visit, both for preventive care as well as urgent/emergent care will help ensure that providers make accurate and informed health care decisions. These decisions can be made quickly and will help avoid unnecessary delays in the health care process. We will also be able to track and trend patient care data to provide information about health care outcomes both for epidemiology and to vastly improve not only individual health but also population health.

In the future, our company will aim to establish effective communication between providers and insurers so information required for financial processing of claims and authorizations for health care visits be exchanged, quickly and effectively. This timely communication will help reduce barriers to prompt financial transactions. Our product lines with conform to national and international standards for preserving, protecting and presenting health care data at the highest level possible.